| Codewords Pune May 2016: Clean Code
Red Panda Innovation Labs is a software product and services firm which creates mobile applications, web applications and internet of things (IoT) applications. We consult businesses on their product strategy and work on user interaction, software architecture and software development of the products.
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Codewords Pune May 2016: Clean Code

Clean Code, Programming, Software Craftsmanship
About This Project

We know that most of the time invested in a software project is into its maintenance.

As an organization that values software craftsmanship, Red Panda has been applying Clean Code principles in projects to minimize the cost and efforts on maintenance.

In this session, we shared some of the basics and our experience of Clean Code in a Java example small enough to understand but big enough to relate to real-world projects.

Christian Hujer, Software Craftsmanship Consultant at Red Panda, was the presenter.