| Codewords Pune March 2017- Developing Web apps using Python
Red Panda Innovation Labs is a software product and services firm which creates mobile applications, web applications and internet of things (IoT) applications. We consult businesses on their product strategy and work on user interaction, software architecture and software development of the products.
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Codewords Pune March 2017- Developing Web apps using Python

Python, TDD
About This Project

Python is a widely used high-level programming language all over the world. This session gave a glimpse of how to use Python and flask to write modular and scalable software.
The presenters also provided their thoughts and had discussions around flask framework, flask extension plugin architecture and support , Test Driven Development through py.test and also using uWSGI for production deployment

Tanay Prabhudesai and Tushar Jarhad , Python craftsmen at Red Panda were the presenters.