| Codewords Mar 2016: Developing Reactive UIs with ClojureScript
Red Panda Innovation Labs is a software product and services firm which creates mobile applications, web applications and internet of things (IoT) applications. We consult businesses on their product strategy and work on user interaction, software architecture and software development of the products.
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Codewords Mar 2016: Developing Reactive UIs with ClojureScript

About This Project

As practitioners of Reactive Programming, we realize that there is a need for front-end engineering to evolve from monstrously tentacled object graphs and tweak-save-refresh cycles to something simpler and more interactive.

In this session, we explored how to develop reactive front-end applications with ClojureScript, which is a functional Lisp that compiles to JavaScript.

Divyansh Prakash from Red Panda was the facilitator.