| Codewords Apr 2016: Beyond SOLID – The Package Principles
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Codewords Apr 2016: Beyond SOLID – The Package Principles

About This Project

Whenever we think of the principles of object oriented design, we immediately think of SOLID.

But did you know that beyond the 5 SOLID principles, there are actually 6 more principles of object oriented design? These lesser known principles are the Package Principles and they are equally important for the construction of well designed, object oriented code.

Codewords April 2016 focused in detail on the Package Principles;

  • Reuse-release equivalence principle (REP)
  • Common-reuse principle (CRP)
  • Common-closure principle (CCP)
  • Acyclic dependencies principle (ADP)
  • Stable-dependencies principle (SDP)
  • Stable-abstractions principle (SAP)

and demonstrated their utility.

Christian Hujer, invited expert at Red Panda Innovation Labs, was the facilitator.