| Our Approach
Red Panda Innovation Labs is a software product and services firm which creates mobile applications, web applications and internet of things (IoT) applications. We consult businesses on their product strategy and work on user interaction, software architecture and software development of the products.
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Our Approach


We follow an evolved process towards product development. We have defined this process as a result of deep research and experience.

  • Product discovery

    Our engagement starts with a deep dive into the product idea. We ask a lot of questions, some easy and some hard ones. Right from the purpose to viability. We like to immerse ourselves in the business. This might sound intrusive, but if you want a top quality product built by smart people, you will understand how important this process is.

  • Release Planning

    We give you a very real picture of how your product will evolve over time. Just as rome was not built in a day, no software is. However, we will ensure we give you functional testable software every week or 2 weeks. So as we prepare a plan to build a mercedes over a period of 6 months, we will plan in a manner that we give you a skateboard in 2 weeks not just a pair of wheels!

  • Agile Development Cycles

    For us, ensuring quality is not a separate activity. Instead, we build it in through practices like collective code ownership, pair programming, test-driven development, merciless refactoring and continuous integration.
    We keep our code and designs simple, but have the courage to make corrections to them, or even throw them away when needed.

  • Launch

    As we ready our product for launch, we want to be sure it is working as expected and at the load factors expected. Hence we conduct rigorous performance testing, security testing and user acceptance testing to gain confidence in the quality of the product.

  • Beyond Launch

    Our journey doesn’t end once the product is launched. Beyond launch, while we provide assurance on the product quality, you need to have a capable team supporting and enhancing the product as you receive valuable user feedback. We help you find this team in house or allocate a part of our team to support the product as long as needed.